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What are the advantages from solar power?

Jan 17

There's no doubt that solar power is increasing in the USA. Over 3.5 million solar panels were fitted to homes in the year 2017 and it's predicted that by 2050, over 50 percent of homes are powered by solar. If you've considered switching to solar power, there's no better time to do it than right at the beginning of a fresh new year. But, you might be wondering "what are the benefits of solar power?" and whether changing your energy provider is worthwhile. In order to help you determine if solar panels are the right choice for you, we've rounded up the 7 biggest advantages of solar energy.

7 most significant benefits of solar power

It will lower your electricity bills

Solar energy has the greatest advantage of saving money on your electricity bill. After installation, the power you get from solar power is free. It also protects you from carbon taxes, along with the increasing price of electricity. An average household saves over $2,000 per year after the installation of an residential solar las Vegas. The investment in solar power for homes can cut down on your energy bill as well as reduce your carbon footprint. This is the most sought-after battery-ready 5kw system.

Renewable energy source

Sun's energy is sustainable and renewable. It's powered by the sun's light and heat. sun, a resource that will never ever run out. For as it continues to be sun-like there will be an endless amount of solar energy. This is in contrast to fossil fuels, which are not renewable and are likely to run out in 2080.

Better for the environment

The switch to a Las Vegas solar system installation is an easy way to be kind to the environment and lessen the carbon footprint of your home. As opposed to other sources of energy that are made by humans, such as fossil fuels solar energy does not release greenhouse gases, carcinogens and CO2 that affect the natural environment and contribute to greenhouse gases. Solar panels are low in environmental impact due to being constructed from sustainable, non-polluting materials.

It could increase the value of your house

With the need for sustainable homes that are energy efficient growing in Arizona installing solar panels can boost the value of your house. Studies show that the more solar panels are in the roof, the more worth the home - with an estimated increase of almost 6000 dollars per kilowatt of solar energy. For a 5kW system, this means that the retail value of the house will increase by over $29,000. It is investing in your future and your home's value through solar power.

It is possible to earn money

Not only will you be able to lower your electricity bill, gain government incentives, and boost the value of your home and property, but you can also earn extra income through the use of solar panels. If you're generating huge amounts of solar energy you can sell it to energy companies or to other people through peer-to-peer solar energy trading.

Low maintenance

Solar panels require much lower maintenance than other sources of renewable energy like wind and hydro-power. Not only do they require a simpler and shorter setup, but they require practically no maintenance other than an annual clean. They are much less likely to be damaged or malfunction because they don't contain moving parts. We at Solar Naturally, we use only the best, highest performing equipment in our solar power systems.

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