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Here are some fascinating facts regarding garage doors

Jan 18

Out of all the different elements and features of your home, you probably think of your garage door as one of the least interesting. After all, this is an object which you use every throughout the day and has become part of the everyday routine of life. In reality, garage doors weren't always only a part of the home.

This post will present six fascinating facts about garage doors.

The First Electric Garage Door Opener

C.G. Johnson invented the first overhead electric garage door opener in Indiana in 1926. Johnson. Johnson. But, electric garage doors were not popular quickly, especially since they were invented in the Great Depression. It was until after World War II that it finally began to rise in popularity, particularly following the time an commercial garage door manufacturer made available an opener for the general public that could be operated using a switches or keys.

Garage Doors Can Last Over 20 Years

The life span of the garage door is contingent on a variety of factors, including the quality, brand and the frequency of use, and commercial garage door installation business. But, as long as you're making the right steps to extend the lifespan of your garage door (including getting it maintained frequently) it is possible to expect it to last between 20 and 30 years! Garage doors can be a good investment due to their long-lasting nature.

Garage Doors can help increase security

It probably comes as no surprise that garage doors help to enhance the security of your home overall. It is easy to drive into your garage when you are away from home and be protected to the elements or strangers. Garage doors act as an additional security measure that burglars must cross to gain entry to your house. When you are able to secure your garage properly you will be able to use it for more than just a parking space.

They are Slowly Replacing the Front Door

As homeowners can now access their garages directly instead of having to park their cars in the driveway, there's no reason to use the front door when they can use the door inside the garage. Being able to safely drive inside a garage that is enclosed can make homeowners feel much safer when it comes to leaving their car at night especially. Garage doors are gradually replacing the front door traditional residents would use to enter their homes.

These add significant value to your home

Garage doors were attractive features to add to your home, nowadays they're becoming quite popular amongst Americans homes. But the addition of an extra garage door to your home is sure to yield a great return on investment (return on investment).

DIY Repairs Can Be Dangerous

There's no shortage of online tutorials and YouTube videos walking you through some of the most commonly requested garage door repair issues but it's generally better to avoid them, and trust in the services of a WeFixIt Garage Door & Gate technician to complete the task instead. Garage doors can be very heavy complex, and extremely heavy. There are many parts to garage doors, and many of them are exposed to extreme pressure and tension. For this reason, it's essential to contact an commercial garage door repair service in North Carolina, if you want to avoid getting yourself into injury or making existing problems more severe.

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