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Property Damage Risk Grows With Wild Weather Swings

Feb 12

As the wild weather swings pick up, the insurance industry is warning homeowners to be prepared for home disasters.

"The big increases in claims are burst water pipes and burst gas lines, which means you need to make sure your insulation is appropriate," said David North from   Farmers Insurance.

Severe Cold Temperatures Increase the Risk Of Burst Pipe Disasters Causing Extensive Water Damage

There are many factors that go into why burst pipes occur, but the most common ones are extremely cold temperatures or hot water system repairs. This can result in frozen or burst water lines, cutting off the energy flow to the home. It is imperative to maintain an adequate amount of insulation around your house's water lines during these extreme weather swings.

Another burst pipe disaster occurs when workers attempting to thaw frozen lines damage another section of the line, causing a domino effect in burst water pipelines throughout your home.

"I would say everyone has to be prepared for home disasters," said Neal. "To make sure they have insurance in place and also someone who does winter checks on their property."

House Fires Risk Jumps Sharply During Power Outages

During the wild weather swings, home fires increase significantly due to power outages. The Insurance Commission of Ontario reports that 10 percent of house fires in 2021 were sparked by home appliances that were improperly installed, had shorts, or were using a temporary power supply. The use of space heaters and generators during power outages is a huge liability to home fires and for the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Major Storms Can Cause Flash Flooding Disasters

Major storms that burst water pipes are usually caused by flash flooding when the sewers are overwhelmed. Heavy rain leads to high levels of runoff in rivers, which can cause bank overtopping and landslides at steep slopes.

Homeowners have to be prepared for these types of home disasters because most insurance policies do not cover burst pipes or burst water lines outside your house. Getting  insurance through  FloodSmart can help you recover and cover the cost to have your property and its contents restored following a major flooding event.

Insurance Restoration Contractors Demand Surges During Wild Weather Swings

During the wild weather swings, homeowners need to be prepared for burst water lines and burst gas lines. In order to get your home back into working order following a burst pipe disaster, it is best to hire an insurance restoration contractor. Insurance restoration contractors have the experience necessary to make sure all of your property is restored in a timely manner.