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8 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Will Make Your Space Feel Larger

Apr 6

8 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Will Make Your Space Feel Larger

By Wilmington Remodelers


Are you fed up with your small kitchen? Would you consider tearing it down to make room for a new one?

Unfortunately, not all people have the means or the resources to afford the gourmet kitchen of their dreams. You don't have to be discouraged if that is your reality. It's possible to do so much with a tiny kitchen footprint.

Here are some fantastic ideas for small kitchen remodels to spark your creativity.

8 Tips for Small Kitchen Remodeling

Optical illusions are a great option for small kitchen designs. These illusions can be used in almost any space and budget.

1. Try Creative Painting Strategies

Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to remodel a small kitchen. Paint can be used as a way to bring life to a space and create the illusion of more.

You can make your small kitchen larger by using paint

  • Stick to neutral, light colors
  • Dark cabinets can be painted a lighter color or bottom cabinets can be kept dark. Upper cabinets can then be painted a lighter color to give the illusion that they are higher.
  • Bold accent walls and open shelving can be adorned with pops of color.
  • Keep your ceilings white
  • Avoid matte paint. Sine or eggshell colors allow light to bounce off of surfaces making the space feel larger.

2. Cabinet doors can be replaced with glass or open shelving installed.

It can appear as though you have more space by replacing cabinets with glass doors and/or installing open shelving in cabinets. To make this trick work, it is important to clear your shelves of clutter.

There are several ways that you can make open shelving or glass doors work in your space.

  • You should stick to a color palette. Keep all your dishes white or all of the red on display and all mismatched dishes somewhere else.
  • Balance smaller and greater items
  • You can keep your items functional by keeping those you use daily near you and placing those that you use less often on the higher, more accessible shelves

3. Geometric Patterns:

Geometric patterns are very popular in small kitchens. Geometric patterns are not only fun to use, but can also be used to create illusions of larger spaces.

Geometric shapes can also be added using wallpaper, tile, and kitchen accessories such as floor runners.

But be careful not to add too many geometric patterns. The more patterns you use, the more chaotic your kitchen will become.

4. Add Mirrors or Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrors reflect light which opens up spaces and gives the illusion of a larger space. You have two options: a mirror or a backsplash mirrored.

If your kitchen is open-plan, adding a mirror will enhance the space's size. Mirrors in the dining room are said to increase wealth retention.

5. Connect Your Kitchen and the Great Outdoors

Do you have an outdoor space? French doors can be a good investment. You'll be able to bring more light into your kitchen. They also increase the space's view beyond doors, making it appear larger.

6. Add Accent Lights

Our eyes are attracted by shadows and small spaces can feel cramped. Accent lights can be added to shelves or under cabinets to eliminate shadows. They will make the space seem larger and open up the space, making it appear bigger.

7. Streamline Your Storage Space

A small kitchen can feel cramped and uncomfortable.

We recommend that you take stock of all your belongings and spend some time decluttering. Take some inspiration and go through all of your belongings. Only keep what you really need. Do you really need 10 spoons and 2 food processors?

Once you have decluttered your home, you can make use of the space available by investing in organizational elements like a corner cabinet. Keep your toaster and coffeepot hidden, but make them easily accessible.

8. You can make your space larger with horizontal stripes

We all know that wearing large horizontal stripes can make our faces appear larger than they are. In the same way, horizontal stripes in your kitchen can make it appear bigger. These stripes can also be applied with wallpapers, tiles, flooring, or rugs.

Hire a Contractor

It is possible to save money on a small kitchen remodeling project by yourself. This is sometimes true. This can, however, end up costing your business more over the long term.

It can be life-saving to hire a contractor when there are problems, especially with electrical, plumbing, or structural issues. It is rare for a remodel to be as easy as painting and tiling.


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