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How to build a ramp for scooters: the ultimate guide

Jul 10

Do you love doing tricks on your scooter? If yes, then you need ramps! In this guide we'll teach you how to build a scooter ramp that is perfect for your needs. We'll go over the components that you'll need as well as the steps you need to take in building the ramp. If you're a beginner or an experienced builder, this guide will have something for all! Let's get started!

There are a variety of ramps that can be made for your scooter. But we'll be concentrating on the most popular: the quarter pipe. A quarter pipe is a ramp with a U shape that can be used to perform tricks off of. It's also one the easiest ramps to build!

Read All About How to build a Scooter Ramp?

How do I construct a ramp for scooters?

Make sure you have all the materials. For this project, you will need:

  • -Plywood
  • -Screws
  • -Nails
  • -Hammer
  • Measurement tape
  • -Saw

Once you have everything you need, it's time to begin making. The first step is to cut the plywood into four equal pieces. Once you've completed this cut your plywood into equal pieces. Then, you can connect the two pieces in a straight line. This will be the base of your ramp. Next, take the other two pieces of plywood , and nail them onto the sides of the base. Be sure to nail them parallel! It is now time to add your ramp surface. Create a semicircle with another piece of wood and attach it to the top of the ramp. It is possible to cut it down to size so that it fits perfectly. It's there! Now you have your personal scooter ramp

Now that you've learned how to build a ramp for scooters, you can go out and demonstrate your sweet tricks! Make sure to be safe first and always wear a helmet. Have fun with your scooter!

What are the other types of ramps that you can build? Can You Build?

Now that you know how to construct a basic scooter ramp you can begin thinking about and building all sorts of different ramps! You could also build half-pipes if you're feeling like you're going to be a bit ambitious. You could also make smaller ramps at an angle that is steeper if you prefer an approach that is less strenuous. There are many possibilities! Simply use your imagination to have fun!

Safety First

Safety is the top priority, as with all extreme sports. Be sure to do your research prior to deciding whether you want to build or ride ramps. Make sure you are aware of the risks. Once you've learned about the dangers, you can take appropriate precautions. Wear an appropriate helmet and pads when riding and ensure that your ramp is in top state prior to you head out. It is possible to enjoy the thrill of scooter ramps by having some knowledge and prudence.

What are some tricks I can do on the Ramp?

There are many different types of tricks you could execute on a ramp for scooters. You can ride your scooter across the ramp. This is the most basic method. As you become more comfortable and skilled you will be able to perform advanced tricks like grabs, ollies and rotations. There are no limits to what you can do, so get inventive and have fun!


There are numerous ways to construct a ramp. But the most important aspect to take care of is making sure it's safe and sturdy. You can master all kinds of tricks with just an hour of practice. We thank you for your time and hope you find this article useful. If you want more tips for the road and ramps to build make sure you check out our other blog articles. Keep safe!