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Murfreesboro TN Is a Booming Hub

May 31

Murfreesboro TN is a booming hub that attracts newcomers in droves each year. It's a dynamic city that puts a high value on creating a great quality of life. This emphasis is reflected in the numerous community development programs that have been launched here, with projects covering transportation, housing, neighborhood revitalization, parks and recreation, historic preservation, economic rejuvenation and more. Discover Eason Plumbing.

The city's motto is "Creating a better quality of life" and this is exactly what it strives for. Its municipal government is renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness, with some of the most innovative initiatives in the state. One example is the Linebaugh Library, which brought together the needs of the local community with those of the city government for a single facility. Another is the Civic Plaza project, which provides underground parking and garden space for the downtown area.

Other examples of the city's forward thinking can be seen in its educational system, with some of the first schools to combine a year-round normal calendar with the Paidea teaching method. Several schools have also received national attention for their innovative approaches to education reform.

Visitors can learn more about the town's history at the Historic Cannonsburgh Village, which recreates a typical Southern village of the 1830s to the 1930s with one-room schoolhouses, a gristmill, a blacksmith shop and other historic buildings. Another historic attraction is the Rutherford County Museum, where you'll find a large collection of local artifacts and exhibits on everything from Civil War battles to Middle Tennessee history.

The Rutherford County Museum is also home to a planetarium that shows daily planetarium shows as well as host science workshops and summer camps for children. In addition, it has a research library with an extensive collection of books and other resources about natural history, music, agriculture and more. The museum is free of charge and open to the public.

Dining is an important aspect of any trip to a new city and Murfreesboro's restaurants are well worth visiting. Jeff's Family Restaurant serves classic Southern home cooking that is simply delicious. The menu is based on recipes that have been handed down for generations, and diners enjoy dishes such as catfish, chicken and homemade pies.

In terms of entertainment, there are a number of live music venues to visit in the city. Mayday Brewery is a popular spot for craft beer drinkers and hosts a variety of concerts each weekend. Those interested in learning more about the craft can take a brewery tour.

Shopping in Murfreesboro is a lot of fun, with world-class malls offering up both national and local stores. The Avenue Murfreesboro features shops such as American Eagle, Hollister, Best Buy and Belk. Other favorite local stores include Victoria's Secret and Bink's Outfitters. Stones River Mall is another top pick for shoppers with a wide range of retailers and delicious restaurants. Those looking for outdoor gear should check out Dick's Sporting Goods, which has the latest in basketball shoes, golf clubs and more.