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Best Ways to Make Money In OSRS As A Free-To-Play Player

Oct 20

Playing Old School RuneScape in a F2P setting has its difficulties of generating enough money to fund one's gaming experience - what is more, most guides online assume you are on a P2P setup with accesses like teleportations and closed bank location being available only for those who paid the RuneScape membership fees.

OSRS is a popular game, and with all the new updates coming out there's never been more demand for OSRS gold. I’ve compiled this guide so you can make some extra cash in-game.

We aim to offer you a comprehensive overview of the top OSRS F2P money-making methods.

Cutting yew logs

You know you're in for a good time when the most lucrative activity is ripping through yew logs. This AFK venture can be done at Varrock Palace and The Corsair Carve Resource Area (which requires completion of Dragon Slayer) with just 60 woodcutting levels, an rune axe, and your own bloodthirsty desires!

You will gain plenty of woodcutting experience; however, it might not be as profitable when compared to other methods like chopping magic or mahogany trees with higher demand in a trade.

Falador Shield Shop

If you're looking to protect your assets, then give this shop a go. You can purchase wooden shields that are 20-22 OSRS coins in price and they'll cost 140 RS GP or more if lucky! But be aware; getting these things stocked up again will require hopping worlds with Cassie (the shield seller).

You can make a lot of money if not many people are doing it. If there is saturation, then you may have issues but experiment with various shops around the limited free-to-play map and buy items for cheap before selling them on the Grand Exchange.

Mining Iron Ore

Mining is the best way to make money in OSRS F2P! I'm not surprised that iron mining tops our list. It also comes with great benefits like 20,000 experience points per hour and a ton of other goodies too.
Mining should always be on your radar if you're looking for an easy but lucrative activity in Old School RuneScape.

Killing Ogress Shamans

The newest monsters in Old School RuneScape are Ogres. They have only been added a few years ago and it is not widely discussed how excellent they can make free-to players money with their gems, rune helms, and battle-axes

You may think the ogresses are a threat only with magic, but that doesn't mean their ranged defense is half what it should be. We recommend using range to dish out damage and level up your skills in combat as well.

You'll love this! You can get a lot more OSRS gold with less time and effort if you're fighting an enemy instead of just picking away at rocks.